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I suffer from constant, dull lower back pain. Is surgery my only option for relief?

Back and neck pain are, unfortunately, one of the most common reasons patients visit our office. There are many causes of neck and back pain, and about 95% of patients can be managed conservatively with physical therapy, cortisone injections, massage, osteopathic or chiropractic manipulation, medications and time.

When these treatments have failed to alleviate the pain, conventional […]

The arthritis in my knee is very painful. Is a knee replacement my only hope for relief?

Osteoarthritis is essentially the breakdown of the cartilage of your joints over time. We sometimes compare this to when the brake pads in your car wear out. This breakdown can occur through normal wear and tear of the joint as we age, but can be accelerated by other causes.  As we age, it is likely […]

Steroid Injections – How Long does Relief Last?

Steroid injections are useful for treating flare-ups of pain and help reduce inflammation in the joints. Unfortunately, the relief from a steroid injection lasts for a relatively short amount of time in most cases. The benefit from the injections are short term. On average, the pain relief lasts approximately 6 months, and diminishes in efficacy […]

Does having bone-on-bone arthritis disqualify someone for the Regen procedure?

Regen Orthopedics has helped many with stage four arthritis. If you struggle with arthritis, recent injuries or chronic pain, there is hope. You may be a candidate for this non-surgical regenerative medicine treatment.

At Regen Orthopedics, we have helped hundreds of patients overcome pain resulting from sports injuries, arthritis, back and neck pain and nerve injuries.

Regenerative medicine […]

Treatment options for tendonitis and tendinopathy

Tendons attach muscle to bone and help the joints move fluidly. They are made of different types of collagen. When injured, tendons have difficulty healing because they are poorly vascularized. The tendon will attempt to heal itself by laying down collagen that is not as strong as the original tendon fibers, which can create thickening […]

Avoid Joint Replacement

Regenerative therapies offer new hope for those with arthritic hip pain

Osteoarthritis, sometimes referred to as degenerative joint disease, is the breakdown of cartilage in the joint and is a very common condition, especially as we age. It’s the result of wear and tear on our joints and can result in inflammation, stiffness and pain.

There are […]