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Regen Orthopedics is staffed by physicians who are highly trained in advanced regenerative medicine procedures to treat arthritis and many other painful orthopedic conditions. These therapies enable your body’s own platelets and stem cells to repair injured tissues, reduce inflammation and stop the pain.

These non-surgical pain treatments have been very effective for patients who haven’t experienced adequate relief with conventional treatments such as anti-inflammatory medications, cortisone injections, physical therapy or surgery. Patients also turn to these treatments as an alternative to surgery, to prolong the need for surgery, or if they may not be a candidate for surgery. Some patients look to it as a way to avoid ongoing medications or steroid treatments for pain.

Regen Orthopedics is located in Beachwood, Ohio, and offers initial consultations to explore individualized treatment plans.

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Ethical FDA-approved Stem Cell TreatmentsRegen Orthopedics is a member of the Orthobiologic Ethics Consortium. This multi-disciplinary group of like-minded health care providers supports the ethical research, marketing and clinical use of orthobiologics and regenerative medicine. Orthobiologic modalities are defined as living cells or other substances or materials that can affect the healing of bone, cartilage, tendon, ligament, muscle or nerve.

As an early adopter of using regenerative treatments in orthopedics, Regen Orthopedics serves as an advocate for patient safety, highest quality and the use of best practices in all regenerative procedures.

Upcoming Health Talks

Dr. Gobezie welcomes opportunities to speak about shoulder health, shoulder surgery and alternatives to shoulder surgery.

To schedule a talk for your group, call us at 216-570-5020.


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