Stem Cells for ArthritisRegen Orthopedics has helped many with stage four arthritis. If you struggle with arthritis, recent injuries or chronic pain, there is hope. You may be a candidate for this non-surgical regenerative medicine treatment.

At Regen Orthopedics, we have helped hundreds of patients overcome pain resulting from sports injuries, arthritis, back and neck pain and nerve injuries.

Regenerative medicine procedures activate your body’s own stem cells to encourage healing and speed repair for bone, muscle, joint, soft tissue and nerve injuries.  With this treatment, doctors can concentrate a sample of your stem cells taken from your bone marrow. We all carry these stem cells that act as the body’s “repairmen.”  With arthritis, the body’s ability to heal may have diminished.  When stem cells are concentrated, and injected into a joint with arthritis, it can restart a new healing response that will ease the pain and may also stimulate the growth of new cartilage in that area.

For many patients, these treatments have allowed them to avoid surgery, ongoing steroid injections or to stop taking regular pain medications. The treatments are non-surgical. Our patients walk out of the procedure and can return to normal activities in just a couple days of rest.  Most patients find their mobility is greatly improved and that pain relief can last for as long as two to eight years. This procedure is performed in one office visit and no anesthesia is required.

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