I have had problems with both of my shoulders since 2005 and was not ready to have surgery for total shoulder replacements. Dr. Gobezie told me about Dr. Bullock and his work with stem cell therapy that could be a potential alternative to surgery.

Dr. Bullock was patient and kind, as was all the office staff. He reviewed my MRI scans and then spent quite some time doing an ultrasound on both of my shoulders. He explained to me what he was seeing and answered all my questions. Laying out the options I went home to discuss things over with my husband. Dr. Bullock was kind enough to answers further questions via email and took the time to call and speak with my husband.

I had the stem cell procedure there in the office, and everyone was great to make me as comfortable as possible. The pain subsided and I was able to go on with my daily routines within a couple of days. I first began to notice improvement with both the chronic pain and limited range of motion about two weeks post procedure and things have continued to significantly improve.

I am now 6 weeks post procedure, relatively pain free most of the day and have increased my range of motion. Most recently I noticed that holding my wiggly 4 month old granddaughter did not stress my shoulders. I no longer have pain picking up a gallon of milk or laundry soap. I could not be more pleased.

Thank you to Dr. Bullock and the team at Regen Orthopedics!

Mary D.
Age 54