When it Works, It Works.

Northeast Ohio Patient has Multiple Regenerative Medicine Treatments

Richard Kalich worked for 10 years as a field technician for a company that manufactures plastics molding machinery. Part of his job was carrying heavy items up and down the stairs and ladders of large machines. It was really hard on his knees and hips. After retiring from that job, he thought they would stop hurting, but the pain persisted.

The sharp pain he was experiencing in his hip that posed a risk to his new job. He was working for himself, traveling, carrying heavy tools. Eventually, it got to be too much. “It got to the point that I couldn’t do the job anymore,” Richard says. “I had to do something about my hip especially.”

Kalich has a type of femoroacetabular impingement. “The angles of my hip joints and the way they are presented is different than everybody else’s,” he explained. He chose to try a stem cell treatment as opposed to a replacement surgery.

“I’ve seen people that have had replacements and they’re laid up for quite some time. I just didn’t want to take the chance because I still needed to work,” Kalich says.

Just two weeks after receiving the stem cell treatment, Kalich noticed massive improvements. “I could feel that the pain wasn’t as sharp or dramatic right from the start. I just knew that it was going to work.”
Considering the success he had with his hip, he decided a few years later to try the stem cell treatment again, but on both knees at the same time. “I learned from the hip treatment that recovery was very easy and painless.”

After undergoing a second stem cell treatment in his knees, Kalich is feeling better than ever. Two weeks after treatment, he was able to attend a trade show that he hadn’t been to in years. “I walked somewhere around seven miles over the course of the weekend. Not all at once, but I was able to do the whole weekend. I haven’t been able to walk like that in quite some time,” he says.

With two different stem cell treatments from Dr. Gobezie, Kalich has noticed very little pain in both his hip and knees and is now able to climb stairs comfortably.

“Everything that [Dr. Gobezie] told me was going to happen, happened. I have total trust in him. It worked great. I’d do it again if I had to. I know stem cell treatments are not for everyone. It works wonderfully for me. No surgery. Minimal chance of infection or rejection of the cells, since they come from ME. And, no down time. I’m back to work and doing what I like.”

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