The staff, Dr. Bullock and Dr. Mathur are FANTASTIC! I recommend this procedure and tell anyone and everyone who wants to hear about it.

The pain in both of my knees was so bad that I had basically been limping the past three years. They were always sore and swollen, and so stiff after sitting behind my desk that when I would get up I could barely walk. I began to shuffle everywhere instead of picking up my feet to walk like a normal person. Dr. Gobezie told me about Regen after my third cortisone shot for pain.

I had the procedure and my increased mobility is huge! A week later, I noticed less pain getting up from my desk. A month after, I went to the Daytona 500 Race and was able to walk everywhere around the huge racetrack. I can now stand for long periods without pain and can walk and not shuffle. I am now looking forward to working in the garden.

I would definitely recommend it and I tell anyone and everyone who will listen about how much better I feel!

Cindy S.
Age 59

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