Please note that individual results may vary. Our medical doctors provide an initial orthopedic consultation to all patients to determine if regenerative medicine procedures are right for the patient. This includes review of patient history and orthopedic imaging when applicable.  The orthopedic consultation is covered by most insurance carriers. Please call our office at 844-786-2355 for further information.

My expectation is to avoid knee replacement surgery because Dr. Gobezie performed stem cell injection in my knee to rebuild the cartilage. After 5 months, the pain is greatly reduced and sporadic. Very pleased. Unfortunately, it would have been better if I had had the procedure about a year earlier which would have avoided atrophy of the calf muscle caused by walking stiff-legged to avoid pain in the knee when it was bent. Restoring the calf muscle is taking a long time.

– Rich M., Age 55

Rich M., Age 55

The staff is FANTASTIC! I recommend this procedure and tell anyone and everyone who wants to hear about it.The pain in both of my knees was so bad that I had basically been limping the past three years. They were always sore and swollen, and so stiff after sitting behind my desk that when I would get up I could barely walk. I began to shuffle everywhere instead of picking up my feet to walk like a normal person. Dr. Gobezie told me about Regen after my third cortisone shot for pain.

I had the procedure and my increased mobility is huge! A week later, I noticed less pain getting up from my desk. A month after, I went to the Daytona 500 Race and was able to walk everywhere around the huge racetrack. I can now stand for long periods without pain and can walk and not shuffle. I am now looking forward to working in the garden.

I would definitely recommend it and I tell anyone and everyone who will listen about how much better I feel!

– Cindy S., Age 57

Cindy S., Age 57

In three months since having the procedure, there has been a dramatic improvement in my ability to function and my lifestyle, and I even forget I had ankle discomfort at one time. I had the procedure to help with posterior tibialis tendonitis which required me to wear a walking boot. In the year prior to treatment here, I saw two other orthopedists and had many months of physical therapy with no appreciable results.I noticed very significant improvement from this procedure, starting gradually approximately 2 weeks after the injection. I think it is also important to note the procedure was not uncomfortable during or after treatment. Pre-operatively I was warned there could be post-op discomfort, but there was none.

The staff at Regen Orthopedics was very efficient, kind, and caring and procedures were explained well. I have already referred others to the practice.

– Dr. S, Age 71

Dr. S, Age 71

I hope people will consider the benefits of this procedure, and I have already recommended it to several friends. I had osteoarthritis of the knee that had been slowing me down for the last two years. My primary care doctor referred me to Regen Orthopedics and I had the procedure done in June. The pain was gone in three to four weeks. I’m now able to climb a ladder and play with my grandchildren without pain. The staff was caring and understanding. The doctor was very informative and took the time to answer my questions.

– Steven S., Age 71

Steven S., Age 71

Because of the arthritis in both of my knees and my right hip, I wasn’t able to walk without a cane and had to use a motorized cart when shopping. I couldn’t stand up or sit for one hour. I was only sleeping 10 to 15 minutes at a time, because of the excruciating pain from my hip and both knees.I had the procedure in my knees and hip in May and noticed improvement about two weeks after. Now at two months after the procedure, I’m able to sleep for two to three hours and I can walk more than 200 feet without the cane. Also I can stand and sit for longer periods of time. My quality of life improved.

The experience at Regen was excellent. The doctor explained the procedure in details that were easy for me to understand and the staff was courteous. I have already recommended the procedure to others who have since made appointments to have it done.

– Emelda C., Age 64

Emelda C., Age 64

Dr. Gobezie gave me my life back. I am a nurse and was crippled with arthritis in my knees and was facing bilateral replacements. I went to this practice due to his expertise in stem cell treatments. My pain prior to procedure was so bad I was severely limited to what I could do. 24 hours after procedure I was pain free, and now 4 months later I continue to be pain free, am able to walk and run after my grandchildren, travel, etc. He is knowledgeable, spends appropriate time with you and is very caring.

– Deb D., Age 60

Deb D., age 60

I have had problems with both of my shoulders since 2005 and was not ready to have surgery for total shoulder replacements. Dr. Gobezie told me how this work with stem cell therapy could be an alternative to surgery. The doctor was patient and kind, as was all the office staff. He reviewed my MRI scans and then spent quite some time doing an ultrasound on both of my shoulders. He explained to me what he was seeing and answered all my questions. Laying out the options I went home to discuss things over with my husband. He was kind enough to answers further questions via email and took the time to call and speak with my husband.

I had the stem cell procedure there in the office, and everyone was great to make me as comfortable as possible. The pain subsided and I was able to go on with my daily routines within a couple of days. I first began to notice improvement with both the chronic pain and limited range of motion about two weeks post procedure and things have continued to significantly improve.

I am now 6 weeks post procedure, relatively pain free most of the day and have increased my range of motion. Most recently I noticed that holding my wiggly 4 month old granddaughter did not stress my shoulders. I no longer have pain picking up a gallon of milk or laundry soap. I could not be more pleased.

Thank you to the team at Regen Orthopedics!

– Mary D., Age 54

Mary D., Age 54

I had arthritis pain in my left shoulder and both thumbs that became very problematic in the last two years. The pain in my thumbs was so bad it prevented me from playing most musical instruments—one of my major reasons-to-be. The shoulder pain rendered me unable to do my work (my other reason-to-be), and also changed biking from a joy to a pain.

I had the procedure in all three joints and noticed improvements about four weeks later. The range of motion in my shoulder has improved to the point that I can reach overhead into cupboards, carry objects without pain, reach to my opposite side, ride bike, etc. In my thumbs, I am now able to do the necessary parts of my work without incurring increased pain later in the day or evening.

In terms of the procedure itself, the best I can do is compare it to other procedures folks commonly undergo. The stem cell procedure is equal in time and discomfort to that of a regular visit to dental hygienist. PRP: about equal to bringing in groceries or gathering and taking trash to curb.

– Paul R., Age 62

Paul R., Age 62

This procedure is so much better than having to get a knee replacement. I had bone on bone arthritis in both knees. They were a grade 4 on one knee and a 3 on the other, and I was told that I needed a replacement. My knees hurt constantly, especially when I was active. As a golfer, it was very upsetting to be in pain while playing and I didn’t like having to take pain medicine.I had the stem cell procedure done on both knees. Right away, I found relief. By the second day after the procedure, I felt better and could walk without pain. I am thrilled at how well this worked and have recommended it to many friends. I like that this was a more natural approach, and it’s great that this procedure allows your body to heal itself. Well worth the money!

– Ronald M., Age 73

Ronald M., Age 73