Your initial consultation with an orthopedic physician at Regen Orthopedics is covered by most major insurance carriers. At this visit, we will assess your condition and discuss your treatment options, which may or may not include regenerative medicine procedures, depending on your needs. Our physicians are trained to treat a wide variety of orthopedic conditions with therapies that are covered by insurance. At this time however, regenerative medicine procedures are not covered. Though they are FDA approved, many insurance companies do not cover these procedures because, at this time, they consider them to be investigational.

To account for this, we offer competitive pricing for various regenerative treatments.  Charges are as follows:

Platelet Rich Plasma one joint = $1,000

Platelet Rich Plasma two joints = $1,500

Platelet Rich Plasma three joints = $2,000

Stem Cell Procedure one joint (includes PRP) = $4,200

Stem Cell Procedure two joints (includes PRP) = $5,000

Stem Cell Procedure three joints (includes PRP) = $6,000

Rates may be subject to change at discretion of clinic. Price finalized upon consultation.



CareCredit_main-logoRegen Orthopedics is able to offer financing plans that enable patients to pay monthly to cover these procedures through Care Credit.

For more information on payment plans to finance the procedure please visit: