Tennis Elbow

Treating Tennis Elbow with Adult Stem Cells

Tennis elbow is a condition caused by inflammation of the tendons on the outer part of the elbow. You don’t have to play tennis to irritate and inflame the tendons – any person who does repetitive activities during the day is susceptible to this type of injury. Most patients will describe localized pain to touch on the outside of the elbow, as well as significant pain performing activities such as turning a doorknob or lifting a gallon of milk.

Most patients will improve with conservative treatment such as physical therapy and cortisone injections, however a small percentage of patients will continue to struggle with pain despite treatment. Over time, the tendon can become frayed and develop small tears within the tendon itself, causing chronic pain.

When conservative measures have failed, patients may find improvement with localized stem cell injections. Call to schedule an appointment to discuss your treatment options with one of our physicians, and determine if stem cell treatment is appropriate for you.