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Steroid Injections – How Long does Relief Last?

Steroid injections are useful for treating flare-ups of pain and help reduce inflammation in the joints. Unfortunately, the relief from a steroid injection lasts for a relatively short amount of time in most cases. The benefit from the injections are short term. On average, the pain relief lasts approximately 6 months, and diminishes in efficacy [...]

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My back pain is relentless. Is surgery my only option for relief?

Back and neck pain are, unfortunately, one of the most common reasons patients visit our office. There are many causes of neck and back pain, and about 95% of patients can be managed conservatively with physical therapy, cortisone injections, massage, osteopathic or chiropractic manipulation, medications and time. When these treatments have failed to alleviate the pain, [...]

My back pain is relentless. Is surgery my only option for relief?2020-10-29T12:31:48-04:00

Why does my shoulder hurt at night? Can PRP help ease the pain?

The shoulder is a complex joint. It encompasses the union of bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons. Inside the shoulder is also bursa, tiny sacs of fluid that help to reduce the friction between moving parts around the shoulder. Bursa serve as a cushion for the moving rotator cuff tendons. The bursa can become painful when [...]

Why does my shoulder hurt at night? Can PRP help ease the pain?2020-10-29T12:13:02-04:00


Understand the Sources of Stem Cell Treatments and Don’t Fall for False Promises. Not all stem cell treatments are the same! Every day there seems to be a new ad to attend a seminar on donor “stem cell” treatments that claim to cure a variety of orthopedic and other medical conditions. But when you investigate [...]

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The Freedom to Try Again

Stem cell therapy ended the pain and “gave life back” to Connie Beverage Three years ago, Connie Beverage was in constant shoulder and knee pain so much that normal daily activities were unmanageable. Reaching for a light switch, driving, doing dishes or taking laundry out of the dryer caused her to wince or grab her [...]

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