Who can have the procedure?

Who can have the procedure?2018-08-21T14:11:39+00:00

about-title-bar-bg-1Regenerative medicine is an alternative for those who have been recently injured or in chronic pain, as well as those who are looking to avoid surgery, prolong the need for surgery, or who just may not be a candidate for surgery. Some patients look to it as a way to avoid ongoing medications or steroid treatment for pain. There are rarely age limits to these procedures. The physician will decide at the initial consultation if you are a candidate.

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Is stem cell therapy right for you?

In most cases, these therapies are helping patients who have failed conventional treatments such as anti-inflammatory medications, cortisone injections, physical therapy, surgery and rest. The first step, is to find out if you are a candidate. We offer consultations to evaluate the injury and explore individualized treatment plans for each patient. The initial consultation is covered by insurance. The success rates of the regenerative procedures are multifactorial and will be discussed at your initial appointment.

If you have questions, or would like to schedule a consultation, please call us at 844-786-2355.

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Outside of regenerative treatments, our practice specializes in general orthopedics and sports medicine. If we find that you are not a good candidate for regenerative procedures, we can explore many other ways of managing your pain.