Reuben Gobezie, MD

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Reuben Gobezie, MD

Reuben Gobezie, MD

Founder/Director, Regen Orthopedics, GO Ortho, Cleveland Shoulder Institute

Orthopedic Surgeon, Reuben Gobezie, M.D., is a nationally recognized leader in the care of shoulder and sports injuries. A graduate of Harvard Medical School, Dr. Gobezie was named one of the top 25 shoulder specialists in the US as ranked by leaders in the field. He has made pioneering contributions to the areas of minimally invasive and arthroscopic shoulder replacement surgery, cartilage transplantation for the treatment of young patients with arthritis and biceps surgery.

Dr. Gobezie was voted one of America’s top doctors by his patients. He is a six-time Patient’s Choice Award winner, an honor bestowed on less than one percent of physicians nationally, and the result of online patient ratings of their medical care.

He has treated many athletes from colleges, universities and high schools throughout Ohio, and was formerly a team physician for the Cleveland Gladiators. Dr. Gobezie previously served as an NFL consulting physician for the Cleveland Browns and as head team physician for Gilmour Academy.

In 2014, Dr. Gobezie founded Regen Orthopedics to make advanced pain management techniques, such as stem cell procedures, more accessible to patients.

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