Stop Knee Pain Without Surgery

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KneeGuideDownload-ImageAdvanced stem cell treatments are
helping people stand up to knee pain

If you’re looking relief from persistent knee pain due to arthritis, sports injuries, joint or nerve injuries, Regen Orthopedics may have a solution for you.  Through advanced regenerative medicine treatments, your body’s own platelets and stem cells can be activated to stimulate healing and stop knee pain.

What types of knee pain
can be treated?

Knee pain is very common and can be caused by a wide range of conditions. It can start suddenly or develop as a mild discomfort and gradually worsen. The exact location of the pain symptoms will help the physician determine the type of problem that needs to be treated. Patients with knee pain may have trouble walking, walk with a limp or feel unstable.

Research has shown that treatment with non-surgical regenerative therapies such as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Bone Marrow Concentrate (BMC) have been helpful for treating a number of conditions such as Arthritis, Meniscal Tears, Ligament Sprains, Patellar Tendonitis/Tendinosis, Osteochondral (Cartilage) Defects, Patellofemoral Pain (Jumper’s Knee) and Baker’s Cysts.

How does it work?

Regenerative medicine treatments can activate your body’s own adult stem cells and blood platelets to stimulate healing and speed repair for bone, muscle, joint, soft tissue and nerve injuries.  We all have healing stem cells in our bodies. Primarily found in bone marrow and fatty tissue, these cells act as repairmen and can regenerate into the type of cell that is needed when injected into an injured area.

The procedure itself involves a highly trained orthopedic physician using guided ultrasound to perform a needle aspiration of your own adult stem cells. They are usually taken from the hip. The cell tissues are concentrated in a stem cell centrifuge and then injected into the injured area of the knee. It is similar to a cortisone injection.  See our Frequently Asked Questions section for more specifics.


There are several different kinds of stem cells.
Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) are the type that we use in orthopedic treatments.




Mesenchymal Stem Cells


MSCs have the strongest potential to repair muscle, bone, joint and soft tissue injuries.
These cells have the ability to self-replicate, reduce inflammation and differentiate into cartilage,
bone, muscle and fat cells and can help the body regenerate the lost tissue in the injured area.

The combination of growth factors from the marrow tissue can activate your body’s ability to heal itself.



Healing Knee Pain

kneeWhen these cells are placed in an injured environment, such as a knee with osteoarthritis, the cells may recognize that the cartilage in the knee has started to break down and can help to regenerate new tissues. Cells from the bone marrow concentrate also produce anti-inflammatory proteins (cytokines) which help to reduce pain and improve the function of the knee.  Learn more here.

Call to schedule an appointment to discuss your treatment options with one of our physicians to determine if stem cell treatment is appropriate for you.

What if we find that regenerative
treatments are not right for you?

Outside of regenerative treatments, our practice specializes in general orthopedics and sports medicine. If we find that you are not a good candidate for regenerative procedures, we can explore many other ways of managing your pain.